Fixed the electrical "knick" in the main line going to the garage; Ready to rebury

Water treatment - How to treat water per CDC guidelines and a look at what we did to our water supply

New hibiscus showed us yellow today! So amazing!

Bean and bacon tostada w/avocado

Midday hummus and tortilla chips with oranges and raspberries

Bacon real meat slider burger on sourdough w/mayo and mustard, plus Large salad

Homemade banana bread with dates salted cashews and broken up cookies

Homemade chicken curry

Post ride lunch Bacon tomato garlic Chipotle mayo on sourdough w/side salad

Pre 2 hour ride breakfast taco, eggs bacon cheese and guac

Last night's dinner was fishsticks w/rice and beans

Grilles burger w/mushroom gravy and sweet potato topped with beans and fresh onions and tomatoes

Grillers prime meatless Burger with wagging gravy with mushrooms and a side of veggies

Mash potatoes with wag you mushroom gravy and a crusty roll toasted with butter blueberry and cherry jam

Burger and egg sliders

Southwest scrambled eggs on top of the tostada with cheese and salsa

Hot dog and French fries after race night

Rice and beans w/smoked chicken and pickled veggies at 11am and 3pm

Fresh homemade crusty roll w/fig and blueberry jams, and a banana

Fresh homemade crusty roll w/fig and blueberry jams, and a banana

Blacks chicken w/rice and beans and avocado w/pickled veggies

Rice and beans w/avocado and pickled veggies

Meatless veggie Burger on crusty bread roll with Avocado and garlic Chipotle mayonnaise and Monterey Jack cheese along with salad of mixed veggies and lettuce

Homemade crusty bread rolls with real beef slider smash burgers topped with garlic Chipotle mayonnaise pickled onions fresh tomatoes and jalapeno Monterey Jack cheese along with a side of Checkers frozen fries. This was last night's dinner.

Same lunch's yesterday but on sourdough instead of wheat bread

2nd lunch, similar to the first, no fries

Southwest black bean burger with fries and a salad

1/4 cup of banana cream pudding and 2 cookies

Salisbury chop steak w/Wagyu mushroom gravy and mashed potatoes

Veggie burger on sourdough w/cheddar, tomatoes, mayo and mustard, plus pickled onions. And a side of mixed veggies

Breakfast was sourdough homemade French toast w/maple syrup

Philly cheese steak with checkers fries

Bacon cheese tomato sandwich on sourdough w/veggies and side salad

Huevos a la Mexicanas w/refried beans topped with cheddar and bacon on the sid

Pizza and dinner with red sauce on the side

3pm lunch, meatless salisbury steak

Meatless Salisbury steak with veggies and a salad

Hot dog post race dinner!

Coconut rice, fried potatoes, carrot sticks, a bit of chicken salad and a slice of Monterey Jack jalapeno cheese