How we track water

Since the first days of being on the farm, we realized that tracking water levels, quality, and regular maintenance are required.  We have had to dump water that had a frog in it, dump and bleach the tanks due to algae.  All I can tell you is that learning water stewardship and maintenance isn't something people in cities are ever taught.  Nor are they taught how to conserve and respect water.  Here are pics from our first list that was designed for tracking maintenance.   Initially it was designed to use the sign in and out "initial" box on the right, to make sure that if you opened the tank, you sealed it back up.  That couple with, "if you opened it, what are the numbers? Gallons,  temperature, time of day details."

Here in the last picture, you can see the newest chart that was created after a new water delivery for 05/05/2020.  If you notice a new column with "NOTES" to be included on the status of the water, which is something to help keep maintenance going.  If you did not see the Water treatment blog post, you will see that at a new blog post that can be read here - - - >  Water Treatment using chemical treatment (bleach) per the CDC guidelines.


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