Sunrise and Sunset switches or Astronomical switches

I found these on Amazon, and I ordered them right away.  Based on what I know these will be turning on my front porch and outside lights when the sunsets and then back off when the sunrises.  This will happen automatically, because I will tell the switch what my longitude and latitude are on the earth.  Pretty amazing stuff.  I was busy this weekend completing the plumbing, and conduit work, while my contractor/builder completely finished out the guest house, or second container.  I will post that in the next couple of days as there is a lot of work to catch up on.

 Here you see the switch lit up, which is what happens when you turn it on or off, and when you are programming it.  Otherwise after a few seconds the LCD times out and turns off.
 This switch works the porch light only.
This switch was placed down low where the 220 outlet used to work for the window/wall AC unit that you see in the lower left hand of the picture.  So since we have a new AC system that was just recently installed, we had this outlet space available.  If you refer to the post before this one about the electricity work that was done, you can see the second picture in the post shows that opposite side of this outlet.  So basically the electrician drilled a hole to the outside and used that to install this circuit/switch underneath the container.  This circuit/switch is solely for outside lighting of the parking area, outside areas, and LEDs that I bought for underneath the container.  That will be highlighted in upcoming posts very soon.


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