New Air Conditioner Mini Split style installed and OH MAN does it ROCK!!! So quiet it is insane.

So we have been in this house since Auguest of 2016.  So about 2 and 1/2 years.  We have relied solely on the window unit that is at the front wall through changing temperatures, summer, winter, all of it.  Last winter the heat stopped working.  So pretty much for the last few months we have relied on tiny radiant heaters that are a pain in the neck, just a real lunacy in my view.  The A/C portion of that window unit was ok, but in reality the device was loud and inefficient.

On Saturday of the last weekend, Gary and Eric came over and finally installed the mini split air conditioner that I have had for a while.  I bought it when I thought things would go faster, but in the end there were delays.  So today we are so thankful that the tiny little radiant heaters are put away, and that the window unit is coming out.  We are ready for some peace and quiet!!!

Here are progressive pictures of the installation and power up!  Enjoy.

 Here you see that the hole is cut and they are fishing the refrigeration lines and power cords to the outside.
 Air handler getting ready to mount on the wall.
 Gary (outside) and Eric (inside) working together to get the air handler mounted and the lines correctly set for the final outside portion.

 Eric and Gary confirming good air handler installation.

 Air handler installed, but not powered up.  And the remote control installed by the front door for easy accessibility on the way out of the house.

 Gary and Eric have built the AC rack, set it on the concrete pad I built and poured myself.  Then they used concrete anchor bolts to bolt down the rack.  The compressor was then bolted to the rack itself.
 Here they are drawing the vacuum on the refrigerant lines and preparing to power on the unit for use.

In the end, the AC unit was beyond my expectation.  It is so quiet, we had to turn off the radiant heater on the ground (it was pretty cold that day, Eric was not feeling his hands towards the end) so that we could hear the air handler even working.  When you turn on the "Turbo" mode it gets louder, but once it settled down, it is questionable which is more loud.  The Fridge or the AC.  What a great problem to have.