Electric almost completely finalized

I have worked quite hard at doing the work needed to put the water and electricity infrastructure into place.  I still have a couple of small things to do with the water.  The electricity though is now fully completed to 2 of the 3 buildings.  So the house is in permanent order, and the second building is in working order, but nothing is inside of it yet.  So the electricity as shown is on the outside and ready for the inside infrastructure to be setup.

Permanent electricity of the A/C system installed.
This is a circuit that is for the outside lighting and under container lighting.  I have purchased LEDs for under the container, and I will still need to buy the flood lighting system that will reside outside for the parking area and the porch zone.  This circuit is tied to a new "astronomical switch" that I got on Amazon.  It will effectively turn on the lights at sunset, and then turn them back off at sunrise, and implement time changes for Daylight Savings as well.
This is the permanent junction for the power from the main pole from the power company.  It runs out to 2 places.  1 runs to the house, and the other to the guest house.  You can see the 2500 gallon water tank in the background.  That needs to be connected and the water lines tested once completed to the house.
 Above is the house from the junction box and how it is terminated.
Above this caption is the guest house and you can see the garage/bike shop/office, which is red in the background.  Power runs out of this junction and all the way to the red building.  However, I have not completed the run, since the trench that was dug was not clean and deep for water lines.  So I will still have to get that done very soon.