Town Hall in the afternoon...

I love the Lockhart town hall.  But these shots really put its beauty into perspective.


  1. Welcome back!!
    Followed you on your A.T hike - fantastic effort by both of you.
    Really looking forward to following your build now. (I'm still searching for the right bit of land. But finished my container house design!)
    Cheers, Terry

  2. Thanks TC. Is there anyway you can share your design with me? Email would be fine if you wish. Let me know. We are honestly unsure on design overall. All ideas are open and welcome.

  3. Here's a link to a blog I began:
    which shows the developmental stages I went through (under Early House Designs). The final design I've settled on is the 29th - right at the bottom of the page!!

    I intend to properly begin the blog when I actually start the build. My inspiration for the final design was Farnsworth house by Mies van der Rohe and then developed from there.

    My design is a 4 x 40ft container house, flat roof, solar power and H/W, passive solar heating, not sure yet of sewerage - possibly worm farm or septic tank. I've deliberately kept all the wet areas (bathroom,laundry kitchen)in one area to minimise plumbing costs, a two-way bathroom to the spare bedroom (as I don't foresee having loads of visitors)

    The four containers - three side by side and one perpendicular at the end are shown within the black area on the plan. The facade is elongated for aesthetic reasons, but it also hides the large water tank and the main bedroom side deck.

    Google SketchUp is a really cool free tool to play with if you haven't already discovered it! I've been using it to create more detailed drawings of construction etc.

  4. ps - you'll notice on the blog I've already had you down as a link!!


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