Temporary Holdup to our construction process

I know that we have quite a bit of followers to our blog at this point.  I just wanted to thank everyone who stops by and also note, what our plan is for the moment.  We are hiking the Appalachian Trail starting in March of this year, 2011.  So we will be gone for quite a long time; there is not any definite schedule.  We might not return until 2012.  However, all will be up in the air on this hike.  Anyone interested in hiking the Appalachian Trail should stop by our other blog that is keeping tabs on us BEFORE and DURING our hike.


See you all soon!  We plan to get together with our architect when we return and get this thing built out.  So, stay tuned!!!


  1. Its good to find people like you and blogs like this, where people share their personal experience from their encouters with different removalists. If you ask me that means a lot.


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