Topic Discussion - Sewerless Toilet, Composting Toilet, Humanure Toilet

I was just reading some things online today and I came across this video.  This is definitely the type of model that we at Ecodale are planning on using for our toilet system.  The sink and shower maybe have not been figured out yet... but I am sure they will be catch systems.  I love the way they built the toilet and tiled it... it is beautiful, cheap, and then makes great fertilizer in a year or more.


  1. I'm curious to learn more about the diverting of urine. I guess what I mean are the mechanics of it. Just how do you do it. I'm really excited about the possibility of a completely closed loop system...sooo kewl :)

  2. Diverting the 2 is really easy. You just put this separating device in place and you are done. It is just put into 2 separate receptacles.


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