Something to think about... Smaller homes

I was just flipping through some of my favorite sites at Starbucks enjoying my Sunday morning after a completely AWESOME and "explosive" birthday party. I came across this article that really helps to re-enforce the choices that I am making in the construction of our new house. I feel really positive about the size and how we are going to make our new "community" in Dale, TX. Go on... read the article... even if it does not make sense to you... please know that others are moving in this direction and I bet even more will in the future.

Debra Jordan's Tiny House from Abe Martinez on Vimeo.


  1. This is awesome!! Just think, if everyone in America lived in a home half the size that they do now we would have so much more room for outdoor space. Reforestation, parks, trails, wildlife preserves. That's the best kind of health care reform I can think of. I am excited to move to a new home that is much smaller than the suburban mansion I live in now.


    Check out this video. Very similar.

  3. Shipping containers are ideal for building a small home. With just one container, you can create a very functional living space.

  4. Hey! I followed you over here from Hike Bike Dale and just love some of the things you're doing. My hubby and I have started our own serious conversations about a large acre working, self-sustaining farm with a minimalist home for our future. In our current society of bigger is better, I love seeing more people stand up for less is more. Can't wait to see the finished product!


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