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This morning I checked my email and low and behold I have a new mailing address.  Since this property never had an address before... I had to contact 911 in the county and have the delegate one to my plot of land.  Now that this is done... I have to get with the post office and also install a mailbox.  Any suggestions?  Are mailboxes expensive?  I guess it really depends on what you do with the mailbox.  I priced online 1 mailbox for like $12.  I am sure the box itself is cheap.  I bet it just depends on how you DRESS it up.  Plain and simple with some reclaimed wood will be fine for me.  I even plan on finding a cheap old mailbox to use.  Maybe I can find something FREE.  Who knows... thus the search for a mailbox begins!


  1. I want to paint it like Carl and Ellie from the movie "Up"


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