PRESS RELEASE - Shipping Container purchase

Ecodale is proud to release the wonderful news that we have decided to purchase a 45' ISBU High Cube shipping container from  The "High Cube" refers to the inside height of the container.  This means that instead of being a standard 8'6" tall, the inside height is actually 9'6" tall.  This will really come in handy when we insulate the floor and the roof to help SEAL in the heat OR the cool.  I am working with a guy named KEVIN MURPHY at Advanced Containers.  He is an awesome guy and a pleasure to work with over the phone.  Kevin was willing to take pictures of the box that we are getting and he even is going to clean up some rust spots and paint them to make sure that, since this will be a living space, we are just about as cosmetically pleasing as possible.  Here are the pictures of the 45' type that we are going to get from the Houston area.  Once again we are very happy so far with

UPDATE:  The purchase invoice we recieved has this container's serial # on it.  So I reckon this is the one that Kevin is thinking will be ours.  We hope to take delivery within the next week.


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