Pictures of Brush Cutting

Well folks... as previously discussed we rented the Billy Goat brush cutter from Sun Belt Rentals.  We used it for basically an entire day until sundown.  I feel like I was kicked by a large horse today after smoking a pack of cigarettes.  Why is that? you ask?  Well a few reasons.  I wore safety glasses, and I also wore leather gloves to protect my hands.  However, I forgot headphone/ear covers, and also more IMPORTANTLY I wore no repiratory gear.  If I had to go back and do this again... I would have.  Annette felt the need, within the first minutes of starting, to wear a bandana.  Boy was she smarter than me.  I think that pictures that we took are in NO way a good example of what we accomplished.  We were able to cut out a spot for our container to be delivered.  We also cut paths all around the whole site to allow the architect to help us deduce the most effective way to place the house and which space to use creatively for a great view and breeze.  I have some videos that I will post soon, but for now... here are the photos: