Here comes the container!

So we got a call while unloading the railroad ties.  Edwin, our driver, stated he would be there within 30 minutes.  We were just getting done with the unloading of the railroad ties.  We moved the Home Depot truck up to the driveway and took a break.  We hung out with the dogs and just chilled.  About 20 minutes later we heard the sound of a large semi truck working hard to get up the road.  I looked across our neighbor Joe's land... and saw Edwin's truck pulling our first container.
 From across Joe's yard.
 The shot from Joe's mailbox.
 This is the shot from the road

 Where you see the brushline past the fence that is more or less the line delineating our property from Joe's.

 This is the shot facing east from across the road.
 This is the view from across the road facing west.  This is the front of our property line.  We will make the entrance to our homestead here eventually.
 Edwin, our driver was super smart.  He had the ability to move the wheelbase from a long standpoint to a short setup.  So in order to make this corner, he just got out and moved the wheelbase closer to the cab of the truck.  Then backing into this 90 angle was super easy.

 He still had to straighten out a couple times, but he was a super pro anyways.
 This is a shot of the great management that was on hand supervising the whole delivery.
 See what I mean?

 Here Edwin is using the hydraulics to push the wheelbase back towards the end of the trailer.  This helped make backing up easier when going in a straight line.
 This is the gas powered motor that ran the hydraulic pump moving the wheelbase.
 Keep on coming back!
 Edwin is a real pro... Lisa the neighbor's wife was pretty worried that their fence was going to be compromised... but Edwin handled it with ease.

 The truck backed into the brushline at about a 45 degree angle...

 This was where we ended up stopping for the final drop off.
I used the railroad ties that were dropped at the very end as a guide as to where he would stop the container.  Next we will look at the actual dropping of the box onto the railroad ties.


  1. i want to see you housseeee!! :) may i have a look to the plans?!

    Pablo Magdalena ( we meet in Rome )


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