GPS reading of our land so far

We spent some time walking our land recently and used the Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS watch to give ourselves a perspective of where we have been on our land.  Here is a current version of what we have seen.  The red lines indicate where we walked, and the corresponding outline (long and skinny one) is our land.  Next to our land is the neighbors short smaller parcel.  Joe's land is about 4 to 5 acres and ours is 10.

 This first picture is the closeup version that shows exactly where we walked.  I walked in a few circles on certain parts of the map.  There is a point of 2 circles that I walked at the front and the rear of the container.  There is one that marking the property line to Joe's house.  Also there are 2 small "crop circles" that were made with the brush cutter.
Here is a better perspective of how large our land actually is in total.  We have really only seen about 33% of the land.  Where you see the last circle which is one of the "crop circles" located closest to the back of the property... that is a treeline that we have not even gone through yet.  We have big plans to get back there into our "Alice in Wonderland" zone.  Stay tuned!


  1. I can't wait to do more exploring. I'm really excited to see the small clearing under the giant oak tree that Chris mentioned!!!!! :):):)


  2. What an adventure to be able to explore your land for the first time to see what it holds. Very cool!!


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