Dropping off the railroad ties

We drove from Austin, near the airport 30 miles to our land.  This was long enough to think of exactly what we were going to do with these things when we got there.  I figured that I would back up the truck and just shove them off the bed of the truck.  Pull forward, and repeat 3 more times.  Leaving a total of 4 piles of 3 ties each.  Then when the container arrived we would stack them in the method I described before and it would be easy.  Then I realized when I started trying to unload them... Yep, this was not going to be EASY.  They were heavy.  Sliding them was hard, getting your fingers underneath them was hard.  Especially with thick leather gloves for working on stuff like this.  We were able to get the 4 piles of three railroad ties each, however, when the truck got there, it was not exactly that smooth.
 We started out this process with an Odie hug!
 Hmmm... which one should I move first?
 See Wallace... this is easy.
 Uhm... Now what?
 Awww Dang!!!  Look at these guns!
 Now for the real man to get to work.  Good thing Annette moved 1 of the railroad ties.
 Here we go!
 Gloves... check.  Safety Glasses... check.
 Come here you little rascal.
 Let's go buddy... this way down.
 Damn you are heavy.  Some of them were heavier... mostly due to the shape and density.
 Come on little buddy... here we go.
 See ya!
 Get OUTTA here damnit.
 Resistance is futile.


  1. Its too bad I wasn't there all weekend, I could have helped you guys. Looks like you got it though.


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