Delivery of the Container

This was such an awesome thing to us to see the container delivered.  He dropped the back of the container and we took several times to get the adjustments right so that it would sit the right way on the railroad ties.  Then he pulled the trailer out to about 2 feet on the other end of the container.  Basically it was resting on railroad ties on one end and the trailer on the other.  Sitting 3 feet above the ground... it seemed like a death trap to me.  Once Annette jumped under there to help me get the railroad ties, and I was like... "Um... GET OUT!"  I cannot have my women under a 12,000 lb shipping container now, can I?  Just watching out for the family.
Those mequite trees have HUGE thorns... Edwin our drive was bleeding all over his arm just trying to get between this little tree and the truck.  They are truly stronger than any other tree I have ever seen also.
 We had to go through a couple adjustments, but this is where the back end of the container ended up.
 Annette was worried no one was taking photos of her!  So she did the deed herself.
 Funny this shipping container was held down by about 6 three inch wide straps.  Scary.
 Here Edwin and me are taking the straps off the truck and rolling them up.
 Yep... I am all THUMBS about this operation!
 Happy container Dance!
 Happy container Dance!
 I had to snap off a few of these limbs... they were so sharp.
 Here I am holding the tree to the ground for Edwin so he can run the hydraulic engine to lower the container off the tilt bed trailer.
 Edwin doing his thing.
 What is so awesome is the whole thing tilts back, and then the wheels SLIDE forward toward the truck cab.

 I am just making sure that we have the right base and no problems with the railroad ties back there.

 "About this much more Edwin!"

 About this time Edwin had the whole trailer out from under the container except about 2 feet.  Not to mention the trailer was at a slant... I considered this very non "OSHA" and what not.
 Here you can see how close to the end of the trailer the container really is.
 Hmmm... Which ones should I use?  More like... Holy crap these things are heavy... Don't make me do this anymore.
 Picked out the best three for this end also.

 All done!