News Update - Plan B


We have determined that the ability to get our lot we had first chosen is more or less out the window.  We are back at the drawing board.  Here is what Plan B is shaping up to look like at this time:

* There are several lots surrounding the one we first chose and are raw land and for sale also.
* There are a handful of lots that fit our criterium, we have previously visited these and are contacting agents again to see what is possible.
* Our lot that we chose WAAAY back in the beginning has been lowered significantly within the last 30 days.  We originally made an attempt at this lot by offering, but the seller refused to come down off of their overwhelmingly high price when we first reached out.  The buyer wants to sell more now.  Yet still a little high for what we were expecting.  It needs to meet the appraised value in order to recieve proper financing from the bank.  I refuse to pay more than the appraised fair market value.

We hope to have a settled choice by the end of this month and be moving towards closing again at that time.  Please stay tuned we are trying to get this pulled together as soon as possible.


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