Video of the day - Planet Mechanics

Thanks to Chris for submitting this video.  Part 1 is today, and the other 2 parts will follow tomorrow and Thursday.  Stay tuned.


  1. Awesome!!! I love the concept! I'm wondering how much it would cost me to get 2 or 3 of these containers out on my land in East Texas!!?

    Anyone have any ideas or know of a good, reasonable, source with decent pricing?

    Looking forward to staying tuned to your project guys! Very Exciting!!

  2. That is something we are looking to find out ourselves. However, if you paid $3000 for a 40' container that is the ABSOLUTE highest you should ever have to pay. And that better be a nice container. I am hoping/expecting to go to Galveston and pay much less per container. At this point we are shooting for 5 of these type of container.


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