Topic discussion - TOOLS & EQUIPMENT

Todays post is not going to be as in-depth as the others before it.  The subject is going to really be determined by circumstance.  I believe this is where you can spend the most money and get the least return on your building investment.  At this time I am going to shoot for a lot of Craigslist, used equipment locally, and possibly renting the other things that buying won't justify.

What other ways can anyone suggest to obtain tools to get jobs done?

*  Auger for drilling pier footing holes.
*  Tamper device to packdown earth.
*  Circular saw to cut wood and metal, most likely aluminum.
*  Hammer
*  Concrete mixer
*  Hand saw, band saw
*  Specialty tools not listed

Other than these listed... I have most of the basic tools.  But if you are reading this... what is your input.