Topic discussion - FLOORING

When discussing floors there are so many options.  But I think the one that overwhelmingly flashes to the fore front as my all time favorite is concrete.  I know for sure that there are various types that can be installed.  But here is a link to a container home called the 8747 House.  I have conversed with the owner a few times and given props to her and the job she has done with her home.  I just LOOOVE her floors though.  Although I was not planning on using the radiant floors.  At least not at this time.


  1. So what is your plan for heating? I have always heard great things about radiant floor heating. How it provides an even comfortable heat very efficiently. Concrete floors are amazing too, definitely something I will have in my home someday.

  2. That is so right on Chris. This is something I am pondering. I am sure when each project is approached at a level of pluses and minuses, things will look different. Using electricity might not be my favorite way to get hot water for radiant flooring. However, if I can yield enough solar to zero it out, that would be awesome. I have thought alot about pellet stoves, gas stoves, and wood burning stoves. Remember, my mom's brother in NC sells this type of stuff. So that would be a big cost savings if he could hook me up. But like I stated, each project will be weighed by attributes. Is radiant floor heating expensive? I am sure that I could setup the hose installation no problem. I bet the cost comes in the heating arrangement?

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