Paint? or Ceramic Insulation?

I have been researching SUPER THERM for a while now.  I thought for a long time that this was PAINT.  But maybe I am wrong.   I spent some time in the forum from and they seemed to be quite adamant that paint itself had no insulative properties.  So that made me drop the idea that applying SUPER THERM was never going to work.

However, after some further investigation and a video from Bob Vila's site, I realize that maybe I have been confused.  I believe that this is a spray on ceramic insulation that we are talking about here.  I have included the link to the Bob Vila video and I hope you enjoy it.  It really surprised me how effective it seemed to be.  I will return to and see if I can post another question about this subject.  Maybe if I word it the right way, I might get a much better answer.


  1. Awesome product!! I will have to remember it. Can you paint over it?

  2. I have checked with some Green building forums, and they keep telling me that this product is a joke. So I am really completely up in the air with whether it is effective or not. They tell me "paint" has no insulating value. But I thought this was not paint... still trying to confirm. But we all know Bob Vila is to be taken seriously, IMO.

  3. Its both,,,a GREAT product,,,were looking to use it on containers were shipping with DDGS

  4. Some people go through life examining the roots while others go through life picking the fruit. Depends on which end you want in on I guess?

    For those wishing to pick the fruit here are some "Real World" examples :

    For those who wish to examine the roots please refer to SuperTherm Certifications


    1. ASTM ( American Society for Testing and Materials )

    ASTM C-236 (C236-89(1993)e1) - Standard Test Method for Steady-State Thermal Performance of Building Assemblies by Means of a Guarded Hot Box and

    ASTM E 1269 Standard Test Method for Determining Specific Heat Capacity by Differential Scanning Calorimetry

    Also the THREE reports from the Florida Energy Office conducted in three different climates

    6. ECAP-CUL-1-03 - ENERGY CONSERVATION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM FEO - Standard Method for Comparing Utility Loads in Standard Constructed Buildings


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