News Update - BAD news

Well folks, it has been a few weeks now since our originally determined closing date.  At this point we have some pretty substantial news to let everyone down with.  We are not closed, and we may never get that property.

The latest happenings are that the seller, could not reach a settlement with his wife over child support/alimony.  This means that he cannot clear the title.  With that said, he is about to lose the lot of 10 acres to the bank (B of Amer) and so now we are on to Plan B.

Plan B is that we are going to search for alternate sites to relocate on.  There are several lots with the same specifications surrounding our lot that we have chosen.  So we are going to begin finding out who owns them, if they wish to sell, and possibly making offers.  I think there maybe up to 5 to choose from.

On a more hopeful note, we have been given the contact information for the foreclosure lawyer to B of Amer, and we are going to contact that lawyer and find out what our chances are with them.  We are prepared to wheel and deal at this time in hopes of making a monetary gain while getting the same property due to its foreclosure situation. 

Please keep your hopes up, as we will do the same.  We are going to get there, one way or another.