Interesting green house idea: Idea House concept w/VIDEO

In order to disgress from the drama of this week, I am doing a short bit on the Idea House.  Please check out some of these photos and the video embedded.  There are so many wonderful ideas that have been implemented into this design.  Specifically I love the spots of grass surrounding the house.  I spoke with Annette and we would use the fake grass so that no water, care, or whether would matter.  That would rock!  Can we get your thoughts?


  1. Love this house design!! I really like how the air can flow between the front and back of the house through that big open space. Like the green roofs and wing roof for solar panels. That roof keeps the solar panels out of sight if they aren't something you want to look at. I have seen one similar to this on World's Greenest Homes. I have seen people use the fake grass, but have you looked into Buffalo grass, it lays over nicely and I believe it is drought tolerant and doesn't really need to be mowed. Just another option.

  2. I just did a search on the Buffalo Grass. It appears that this would need year round assistance and care. Not nearly as much as other types, but still, I cannot gaurantee I will be home most of the year on any given year. Too many travel plans. As for the other types of grass there is what folks refer to as coastal grass. This type of grass invades and takes over every other type of grass. You cannot stop it, unless you put say fake grass in there.

    On that house design, this type of open design is something I can very keen on. I think we will be getting back together with the architect the first week of next month to start molding out our plans for blueprints. I proposed 2 containers 24' apart, running parallel. Then this type of build style in the middle connecting the 2 together. So there is going to be so much to put together, but I am positive that things will be coming together really soon. Thanks for the input Chris!

  3. I wasn't sure about the details of the buffalo grass, just wanted to throw it out there since I have heard it mentioned a few times. Now I know a little more about it.

    Your idea with the containers sounds like a great plan. Hope it works out!

  4. I love the outdoor space and how it flows from the interior. Very fluid, organic layout. Can't wait to see some building-in-progress and we're-done photos!



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