Hopes, Dreams, and a little more patience...

So we are now waiting on the seller of the property to settle his liens and get into a position to present a clear title.  At this point I would like to see that cleared up by next Friday.  At that point I would like to see us close the Friday after that.  Setting up this timeframe gives a good chance to be realistic and patient.  Something I am finding it hard to do in this time because Annette and I are so anxious.  Please stay tuned and updates of course will come out as we get them.

Today's real update is that I did a google search for our name "ecodale" today and I see that this is #1 for our website.  This is just too awesome.  The next step is to start making movies.  I am thinking of a way to do an opening video for youtube that we can post on the site.  I was thinking of using a conference room with a pedestal and some cameras with flashes.  Make it look like a real PRESS RELEASE kind of thing.  Take a few questions from people.  Does anyone have any kind of flashy ideas that would be simple to incorporate as a video to help us create content?  I have not even showed our faces on our site.  Other than those friends from Facebook and family... any random people would have no clue who we are.  So I hope to get a video out by Monday at the latest.

Please give any recommendations on things you might like to see or would be helpful in understanding what we are doing, or planning on doing.


  1. Your post made me think of this video Tom Waits did to announce one of his recent tours. It's simple - in a way that is supposed to be comical.
    Good luck with the closing!

  2. Thanks Lisa. Just watched the video! What a freaking riot! I really
    love that idea... I will see what I can do to mirror that piece of work.


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