Did you say AUGER & SonoTubes?

While researching the foundation for the last month I have determined that we are most likely going to use the pier footing method. This will require a few unique pieces of equipment. We will need an Auger and some SonoTubes. Yep, that is right... we are going to need an auger. This is the device that digs holes to use for pier footings. There are 2 basic types, manual & machine mounted.
I also found out today that we are going to need something called a "Bell Tool" This is a device that allows the bottom of the hole to be "bell'd out" so that there is a larger footing at the bottom. This helps support weight distribution and should help keeping things from moving around. I was able to find pictures of the bell too in both the retracted and extended positions.

At this time I am not sure which method I will use to drill those holes, but either way knowing for sure what tools I will need is a big relief. I also found out from our talk with Candid, that I would not need them as large as I previously thought as well.

Sonotubes are a very interesting type of tool.  They are concrete forms that stand out of the ground vertically.  The website is HERE.  They come in varying sizes, but I imagine we will be using something like 12" tubes.  Once you have belled out the hole, you must use rebar as reinforcement to the concrete form.  As you can see in the picture this form has been used with a square base of rebar that is only a foot or so into the ground.  I am thinking of buring ours a little deeper than 2 to 3 feet.  After that you stand the Sonotube on the rebar and fill with cement to the leveled point that you have chosen.  You will insert a steel plate that sits on top of the tube and that will help weld down the container corners.
So that only leaves 2 more basic tools other than concrete. I will need a welding machine and some rebar. This will help to form the rebar bracing that will reside inside the cured concrete piers. I found the welders at Harbour Freight for a good price, and I am sure that rebar will be quite inexpensive.


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