Almost #1 in Google Search Engine

So far we have only had a few visitors to our site.  However, we are so excited and there has been a lot of work that we have put into place to try and promote ourselves.  I have filled out forms, and blogged about our homestead in other forums.  We have also used Social Networks to promote Ecodale.  These have all lead to quite a successful campaign at this time.  I just ran a search for 'Ecodale' on Google this morning and I found that we are the #2 result in the search.  That is just TERRIFIC!  There is so much more to come, especially once we start adding video content as we break ground.  At this time they are in the underwriting processes and we hope to be closing by next week.  I would really like to see that be Friday.  But there is just no telling right now.  So be patient with us and stay tuned as often as you can.  We are visiting Alan this weekend in Austin to see how he built his container studio.  I plan on taking pictures and outlining some major sections of how he built his setup.  Don't worry, I will update as soon as I get that information in my hands.  So have a great weekend and see everyone soon!


  1. Good job picking an unique name =) Looking forward to seeing how the video turns out.

  2. Thanks Brad, watch for updates on Facebook to indicate new articles/videos!


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