Architect visit

Last night Annette and I paid a visit to the architect that we have chosen. Candid Rogers out of San Antonio. He is awesome. I highly suggest anyone interested to visit his site and check his highly respectable work. He is very impressive.

Stephen was there as well. We had a great time going back and forth in a volley of ideas and creative realizations. I am so lucky to have found what Annette and I consider to be the most perfect firm to work with. Candid's studio has designed award winning constructs, and we know that his team will help us create a geniune work of artistic originality.
If you would like to see his works/projects visit his site under the works section:


  1. You chose an amazing architect. Candid recently completed our project, 210 Dos Diez, and it is a masterpiece. He is not only a gifted architect but he has become my dearest friend. You will have a great adventure working with Candid. Enjoy what I know will be a wonderful residence.

  2. Thanks so much for the comments. I am still new to this blog thing... so I now found your site on the internet at

    I am going to read over it now. :D


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